Intermediate Cosmetology   [Archived Catalog]
2011-2012 Catalog [Aug. 2011-Aug. 2012]

COS 0007 - Intermediate Cosmetology

This course provides students with the opportunity to perform previously learned service techniques, procedures and applications in the salon/laboratory. The focus is to perform cosmetology services on patrons in a salon like environment. Students will review previously learned techniques, clinic procedures and responsibilities. Students will be presented with new material which includes additional wet hair styling techniques, facials, massage and hair removal. This course provides students with an introduction to chemical texture services, permanent waving and reformation curl. Students will learn to perform permanent wave blocking and rodding techniques, solution application procedures and processing. This course will instruct the students on the types and classification of hair coloring chemicals, the aspects of the client analysis procedure and the selection of products based on the analysis of hair type. Students will be taught to apply and process hair coloring products. This course offers students additional instruction in hairshaping and hairstyling with an overview of previously taught subjects in preparation for final exams.
Prerequisites: COS 0001.

Contact Hours: 400; Workforce Credits: 13.5.